The extraordinary will take care of itself

Lena Konstantakou, 2022

Publisher: Lecturis.

ISBN: 9789462264465

Dimensions: 24.6 x 33cm

Pages: 106 inc. five fold outs

I went out in all seasons and took pictures of everything that seemed to hold a little of the remarkable, finding endless moments of wonder in ordinary life. It was quieter than any place I'd lived before, but in glistening street scenes and sleepy beach days it began to reveal itself to me slowly. By encouraging myself to seek beauty in everything, I ended up falling in love with this ordinary town nestled by the sea. And in return? It gave me the experience of an extraordinary life."
- Lena Konstantakou


For a decade, Konstantakou wandered the streets and the shores of her new home and through her lens, she has come to know every pocket of her neighbourhood, every glistening hinterland, every gathering of rocks, and every character who moves among them too. 


The extraordinary will take care of itself is a richly compelling book, and its sequence of images functions like a series of associative conversations - each photograph pulling us further into Konstantakou's world. Throughout the pages, social dioramas and hazy beach days are interspersed with seabirds and winding dirt roads, and many of those scenes are captured through windows, rain-strewn and fogged, inviting us to peer ever-closer.


Conceived as a visual meditation on the nature of belonging, Konstantakou's photobook transforms ordinary moments into revelatory scenes, and ultimately she hopes it will inspire her readers to search for meaningful bonds and moments of magic in their own daily lives too.