“An ideal, fantastic world exists within me that guides my instinct and intuition, and reflects upon my photography. In this idealised world, elements of the urban and the natural peacefully coexist and find place in my image making. My aim is to create a new reality, a world in which I invite the viewer to experience through my eyes and vision. I want to invoke feelings of safety, fulfilment and inspiration. To seek distraction, relief from reality, engage in fantasy - to escape.”


Lena Konstantakou’s ethereal photographs explore the intuitive connection between habitat, existence and wellbeing. With a body of work that has been shaped organically over time, Lena demonstrates a holistic approach to image making – the artist, her environment, the viewer all interconnected. Drawing upon the concept of ‘the ordinary’, she captures imagery that signifies the importance  of wonder, appreciation and serenity; a celebration of an ordinary life.


The curated images are divided into seven categories that reflect the subject matter, lifestyle or the location they were taken.