Green Mykonos

Ongoing project

Mykonos is a Cycladic Greek island situated in the Aegean sea. In Greek mythology, the island is said to have been the location of the ‘Gigantomachy’, the great battle between Zeus and the Giants and where Hercules was killed. According to the myth, the large rocks all over the island are said to be the petrified corpses of the Giants. 


Tourism in Mykonos flourished in the early 1960s when it became the favourite hangout for artists. Over the last fifteen years Mykonos has changed dramatically and today, is considered to be one of the top cosmopolitan and luxurious holiday destinations.


The way I have photographed Mykonos in the spring is related to memories inhabited by nostalgia. These memories are marks from the years of youth. My visit to the island, a wishful continuation of my journey in time, unfolded hidden lush landscapes and serene picturesque views, almost untouched from time. Through my images I want to inspire the viewers to observe the elements of authenticity, simplicity and beauty, the island has kept. All these can be the cornerstone of an inspiring future.

April 1, 2019